I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and coach.

I am experienced in working with people facing a range of difficulties, including:

  1. Depression/low-mood,

  2. Anxiety/stress and

  3. Relationship problems.

Whatever brings you to counselling or psychotherapy, I hope we will be able to work together to make a positive and real difference to your life. I also have a particular interest and experience in:

  1. Anger management.

  2. Problems at work, including issues that come with the drive for achievement and success. Particularly for people in roles and organisations with a science, technology or IT element and in academia.

  3. Sight loss and dealing with similar disabilities.


Mark Gawlinski, CCS, 25-27 High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1ND.

Tel: 01223 261 061 E-mail: info@cambridgepsychotherapist.co.uk

Mark Gawlinski, psychotherapist

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